Wednesday, September 15, 2010


"Take only pictures, leave only footprints."

A few more pictures from my morning in Navarre.

When I arrived that morning, my friend, Great Blue Heron (GB to those of us who know him well) was deep into his morning meditation.

Then he set out for his slow, morning stroll, patrolling the shore.

GB decided to give the dame with the camera a challenge and turned into the sunrise. But, unwittingly, he provided me with a lovely silhouette.

Tired of having wet feet, GB flew to his favorite perch on the roof of the pavilion.

And being a good coastal denizen, GB left the picture taking to me and left only footprints.

Don't want GB to get the impression that he's the only shorebird I photograph. (His ego is beginning to be a problem.) So here is a lovely mourning dove.


  1. Wonderful shots. I think the footprint one is so unusual!

  2. GB is so fun to watch, they always look like they're trying not to get their feathers wet, they're so dainty about where they place their feet. Or so it seems.

  3. I'll follow these guys anywhere. Not to put one shot above another, but the footprint is very special.

  4. The photos are spectacular. The model's not bad, either.


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