Monday, September 27, 2010


Saturday was my last opportunity to take pictures with the Audubon birders who have been counting shorebirds these past many weeks. On Thursday, I head to the Northeast to see family and friends and will miss the next several Sat. meetings. But the experience has been wonderful and this Saturday was just gorgeous. A storm was coming in off the Gulf, but on the Sound side of Navarre Beach, the clouds where still wispy enough to put on a sunrise show. The light was amazing, alternating between golden and gray as clouds ran across the sun.

We had a very special visitor who stopped by on its migratory trip to Guatemala. A small group of American Avocets were resting in the shallow waters of the Sound. They were so beautiful. I got as close to them as possible, but I wish I could have gotten even closer to see more details of this pretty bird. The morning was full of shorebirds and it kept me happily snapping away.  A splendid last Saturday. Hope you enjoy.

Sunrise over the Sound

Sunrise reflections through storm clouds and Great Blue Heron.

American Avocets and Willets

Their mostly white plumage, black stripes and curving bills made them easily identifiable to my birding friends. They were all very excited, as this is not a usual occurrence in these parts. 


  1. Always so refreshing to visit here. (Avocets -- new to me.)

  2. The sunset is beautiful...and I especially love the second to last image of the birds. A lovely shot.

  3. Wow!! What a treat!!! It's getting to be that time of year when we have lots of wonderful visitors for a day or so. I'm such a neophyte, I can't identify half of them unless there's an experienced birder with me. You should hear some of the descriptions I give them -- and their amazed expressions as they try to figure out what I've seen!! Have a good trip!!

  4. Were Bob & Lucy there? I used to attend meetings a few years ago, they're so very enthusiastic! I'm glad you were able to see the Avocets?

  5. Wow, what wonderful series of photos!


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