Tuesday, August 3, 2010


"Footfalls echo in the memory
Down the passage which we did not take
Towards the door we never opened."

I read something recently that took me on a journey to the past. It was bittersweet and made me remember a very special place. This place holds the blueprints for who I am and the road map that directed me to the place I'm at today. It's been quite the journey. 


  1. The comments you left were so similar to my thoughts -- right down to words I had been toying with, such as do over. It was almost eerie. Though I know most specifically where I went wrong.

    And this post is lovely. I think we're sitting on those chairs, talking.

  2. No regrets though.

    You're taking me on a lovely day out to the sea!

  3. Well! How lovely to read your blog today and spy photos of my home. I knew you were from RI, but I didn't expect to see photos of Jamestown, the Newport Bridge (from Casey Farm?) and is that Beavertail? I was born and raised in Jamestown as was my husband and we now live about 2 miles south of Casey Farm in Narragansett. What a small small world!

  4. AH:I think I'd very much like to sit in those chairs and talk and share a glass of wine.

    Ciel: Not a one.

    Tara: Yes, its Beavertail and Jamestown and the chairs are at Castle Hill Inn in Newport. I get nostalgic for RI every now and then and these pictures bring back such good memories.

  5. Nostalgic but lovely post and beautiful photos!


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