Friday, August 20, 2010


I've been away from my blog for awhile and really haven't been taking too many pictures of late. This is one from my archives. Hopefully, I'm back on track. Tomorrow I go on a walk along the coast with some birders and I hope I come away with some good photos of our shorebirds.


  1. Are the birders just friends, or a birding group?? I'm having withdrawals since my birding buddy has been in San Diego for several weeks now. I even get up early for birdy outings!

  2. You can post from the archives anytime. Wow.

  3. In the meantime, this is a wonderful action shot!

  4. The archives always appropriate, what we do without them? Those little bees will climb in a ligustrum blossom and take a long nap. True story.

    Audubon field trip? I keep meaning to go. Maybe we should meet up at one, size each other up, have a photo skirmish?

  5. FFG: I happily got to answer that questions in person.

    AH: Thanks. I have a whole external hard drive full of em.

    Ciel: Thanks.

    Paula: I recommend you go on one. If I hear of another, I'll let you know and then we can go at it. (Whatever happened to getting all of us Digital Divas together? Still would like to do that.)


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