Wednesday, August 25, 2010


"If I had to choose, I would rather have birds than airplanes."
Charles Lindbergh, interview, 1974

I can ride the currents

I can turn on a dime ...

And go the other way

When I've had my fill of flight, I can put down the landing gear and chose earth.


  1. Lovely poetic post. Don't you wish you could fly? Quite aside from the sheer exhilaration it would do me a great favour right now as I am about to drive off to work in traffic jams!

  2. first of all, i LUV your main header photo. it's gorgeous.
    second, i just switched from the north east (coastal) to the south west (coastal). i know how you feel with a big switch. it's weird to go from one certain lifestyle to a similar idea but total dif place.
    i'd luv it if you'd come see me at


  3. These are great especially since I love seagulls. They're so wonky and have the funniest expressions. They make beach life so much more fun.

  4. Really nice captures! It's hard to get good composition "on the wing."


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