Wednesday, July 21, 2010


"Should I pluck it, 
My hand would defile the flower;
I offer it, as it stands, ..."
Empress Komyo, Japan

SCARLET HIBISCUS, "hibiscus coccineus"

Sometimes called the Texas Star Hibiscus, this is one of my favorites in the garden and one of our native plants here in Northwest Florida. The white variety is fairly new. Last summer I planted it close to the red and this season it is blooming in all its glory. The mix of red and white intermingling is wonderful. But the best thing is that they withstand flooding and salt water. The perfect flower for a seaside garden.


  1. Just gorgeous. I see two stars, the one formed by the sepal and the one formed by the petals.

  2. This is worth being outside @ 98°! Lucky you to have a/c inside...

    I answered your question on VDP, it's a bar/restaurant I think.


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