Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Monday, I looked up from the kitchen where I was peeling onions and saw this glorious sunset. I grabbed my point and shoot, ran outside and starting taking pictures. Only problem was that as soon as I left the AC and encountered the heat and humidity, my lens fogged up. I took a couple of photos before I realized it, since I was  busy looking at the LCD screen. When I downloaded, I rather liked the effect of my foggy lens.

Once the lens defogged, I took clearer pictures. Not sure which ones I like best.


  1. Oh, how lovely!! We don't get to see the sunsets because of trees in our yard and I miss seeing the horizon sometimes. But I'm not giving up my oak trees, either!!

    Did it rain that day? (We're away now, so don't know.)

  2. FFG: I don't blame you. I love oak trees and sometimes, as beautiful as my view is, I miss being able to sit under a tree with a wide cool canopy.


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