Monday, July 12, 2010


"A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking." 
~Earl Wilson

We decided we'd had enough of the oil spill and the emotional roller coaster we've been on since April. So we escaped for a while and visited with friends in Ana Marie Island in Bradenton Beach. Still on the Gulf, but far enough east to not have been affected by the spill...yet. It was a good decision to go, not only to see good friends, but to soothe the soul.

Two steps out the door and you're on the path to the beach.

This blue heron was not fazed by us humans and strutted the beach daily.

Which way are ya going? 
He was often joined by other shore birds as they made their way along the shore. It was nice to see them out of harms way.

Best seat in the house. It was pretty hot and this fellow found the perfect solution to keeping cool.

After a day playing in the water and lazing on the beach, the sunset brought a beautiful end to a perfect day.


  1. CT..
    I felt the same way earlier while visiting home in Panama City...
    I needed one last look...
    before oil came ashore..
    and you are so correct as describing it as an 'emotional roller-coaster"..
    so glad you escaped to another beautiful reality..if only for a short while.
    warm sandy hugs..

  2. That last one is crazy beautiful; still, maybe the heron is my favorite.

    I'm happy you were able to find some peace. As always, my thoughts are with you and the Gulf.

  3. Great shots, as usual. I really love the trees framing the sunset shot. We had a little getaway from the roller coaster too, to North Georgia mountains. No TV for 5 glorious days and thus no news of the Gulf mess. Yippee. Even back home, I can't stand to listen to it.

  4. This is so inviting post. If only I could be there right now to enjoy that lovely sand beach and beautiful water and lovely sunset. The photo with a man sitting on his chair in the water made me smile…. I even envy him. :-) Wonderful time you had and great photos you shared with us.

  5. Lou: Good news today about the cap being in place. Maybe we are close to this nightmare being over.

    AH: Your support during all this is really appreciated.

    FFG: Glad you had your get away too. I avoid the news too--unless it's good.

    Ciel: Yes it really is. Let's just hope it doesn't become "Paradise Lost."

    Meda: I wish I could share this place with all my blogger friends. I give you the sea in my photos, you give me beautiful flowers.


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