Thursday, April 15, 2010


The Forgotten Coast of Florida lies along Routes 98 and 30-A in the Panhandle and is bounded on the West by Mexico Beach and on the East by St. Marks Lighthouse and nature preserve. In between lie small towns and beach communities offering the traveler, forests, beautiful beaches and a glimpse into life as it once was in this part of Florida. Our destination was the fishing town of Appalachicola or 'Appalach,' as it is known to the locals. Our first stop was the Coombs House Inn, our home away from home for a few days.

When the Coombs house was built in 1905, it was generally referred to as the most "elegant house in Appalachicola." Built by James N. Coombs, a successful entrepeneur who owned three saw mills, the First National Bank of Appalachicola, and the Coombs Company, exporter of pine and cypress lumber to destinations around the world. The house is filled with antiques, black cypress wall paneling and ornate light fixtures.

photo of Coombs House Inn Bed and Breakfast, Apalachicola, Florida
I can't believe that I took not one photo of the interior of this beautiful Inn. Guess I was really relaxed. These images I found on line and they are straight on accurate. Below is our room (the "Heron") That bed was plenty comfy.


Okay, back to my photos.

Our room  was on the second floor and led out to the veranda that overlooked the courtyard.

There is just something so elegant and cozy about a southern veranda.

Never did find out if this statue had a name. Children, fish and turtles. There must be a story here.

Next installment - the fishing fleet, main street and lighthouses. But for now, the yard is calling me to work and the weeds are laughing at me. 


  1. Oh good, I was hoping you'd have something up. Sounds, looks wonderful. I'm going to enjoy the whole tour.

  2. Lovely start..
    am waiting for the next installment..
    found the area to be delightful myself!!
    thanks for sharing!!
    warmest hugs..
    now out to plant my roses..
    and attend to some of my very own "laughing weeds!

  3. How wonderful, what a lovely place!

  4. You must have had a very relaxed time...
    I can picture myself on that porch!!

  5. This is beautiful and interesting post that I really enjoyed. What a beautiful place, the house and its interior and the yourtyard...and I've dreamed about such veranda but I don't dare to dream about such a house. :-)


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