Saturday, October 31, 2009


“Everybody loves the cackle of the rooster, the colors, the long tail.”  ~ Keith Gilbertson

The Zoo of Northwest Florida has closed, another victim of the poor economy and a shrinking pool of grant dollars and contributions. What a great loss to Northwest Florida. One of the breeds of animals I grew especially fond of on my many visits were these roosters. We would cross paths often during a visit and I like to think they came to know me. (I have a vivid imagination!) Aren't they beautiful? I'm missing my visits to the Zoo and all of the critters, large and small, that called that place home.  I wonder where they all went and if they all found new homes, especially this pretty boy. Hope he's strutting around somewhere lovely.

He is a Welsummer Rooster, a Dutch breed that takes it's name from the small village of Welsum in The Netherlands.


  1. Oh my, he *is* a beauty. I'm sure they can't just get rid of the animals... can they?

  2. I don't know if I've ever seen such colors on poultry, he's a beauty. Did you take any of their photography classes? I kept telling myself I would go one day, but I live so far away.

  3. so sad about the closing of the zoo. my lil' girl would surely cry if it happens here. :(

    great capture of the rooster! the colours are so vivid and lovely!


  4. Ciel, No I'm sure they all will find homes somewhere and I know that the people at the Zoo are dedicated to the welfare of the animals.

    Paula: Yes I took two of the Zootography classes. They were great. Picked up a few pointers.

    Cher: It is sad. I know there are many unhappy children here. :~( But the cost of upkeep was just too much given the economics of the times.

  5. Yes, it really sad that the Zoo has closed. I am sorry. The rooster looks really lovely and colorful and your photos are great.

  6. What a beautiful rooster. My Mom would love to have this guy. Gorgeous!

  7. He's a cute little guy! Very colorful.

  8. Wow, this is a beautiful rooster. I hope he did find a good home. If I lived closer I would adopt him. I have my own chickens, and he would love being here..


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