Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The sound of birds stops the noise in my mind.

- Carly Simon

Posted by PicasaThis little house finch worked this seed for several minutes and seemed determined not to give up. Her persistence paid off.

And then she sat, looking very pleased with herself.

I was distracted by the sounds of a woodpecker and went in search of the noisy little creature. High in the live oak was a pretty little downy woodpecker.


  1. Lovely photos! You live in a beautiful part of Florida. The panhandle has such gorgeous sand and clear water! (I live on the gulf coast near Tampa.)

    I love watching the birds...all kinds of them. Right now our trees are filled with the raucous caw of blackbirds. The woods behind our home has 60 - 80 ft. sweet gum, bay and 1 maple. (We learned the height when one fell on our house during a hurricane - the branches kept it from damaging the roof, but it destroyed the pool cage!)The crows seem to LOVE the tops of these trees. Sometimes the sound is so great you cannot hear the telephone. It's a marvelous sight every summer and into fall.
    Jane (Artfully Graced)

  2. That's sweet (and a good lesson for keeping at it!). Wow, the woodpecker is gorgeous!

  3. "the sound of birds stops the noise in my mind"

    yes it does. nice quote and lovely photos!

  4. This post is really lovely. It is hardworking that cute house finch as well as the woodpecker. I don’t have much of a chance to hear the noise that woodpecker makes so when I go for a walk in the wood I am always happy to hear that sound. But I have never managed to take its photo.


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