Monday, October 5, 2009


On a recent visit to Ft. McRee, I came upon another lovely blue heron. I never tire of photographing them, so I hope y'all are not too tired of seeing them.

There were other birds that caught my eye on this visit.

Like this handsome gull protecting the opening to the island.

And this little sandling who was rushing to the water's edge.

In all the times that I've been to Ft. McRee, I had never seen this lovely lagoon hidden behind the sand dunes. I found it quite by accident as I was following three egrets as they flew over the dunes and disappeared. What a lovely surprise to come upon such an idyllic landscape.

Not only did I find the lagoon, but straight across from where I was standing I could see part of the ruins of the old Fort. I was pretty excited.

Especially when I saw the three egrets that led me to my discovery.

It was a great day for the birds and a wonderful day to be out on the water in your vessel of choice.

Even the jets from NAS Pensacola were out prowling the skies!!


  1. These are gorgeous shots -- even the last "bird" is nicely captured. The great blue heron is . . . well, great.

  2. Just lovely! You know, I've never been to Ft. McRee. Obviously I need to take a day and visit. Thank you for sharing!



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