Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I can hardly believe that I haven't posted to this blog since August. I took a little time off so that I could get my life moving at a normal pace again. Had too many irons in the fire and was not doing a great job with any of them. I'm learning to say no. Well, I'm learning to occasionally say no. I've organized and reorganized rooms and closets and workspaces. I've stored and categorized photos and am even contemplating assembling a show at a local gallery. (That's still in the future pile.) Bottom line, I felt a little overwhelmed and out of control and now I don't. I've taken a lot of photos during my time away from blogland. So I'll be posting pictures from August forward. (They are all neatly organized now:) Probably, this will be the most verbose I get. I'll let photos and quotes speak for themselves. Unless, of course, they are unable to communicate. I'm glad to be back checking on blogs that I've missed reading.

So, hello again.


  1. Hello to you, too!! I'm looking forward to your beauties.

  2. Hello! You're back!! So glad to see you.


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