Monday, February 18, 2013


"I believe in equality for everyone, excepy reporters and photographers."
~Mahatma Gandhi
Came across this flock of white ibis in a parking lot on Gasparilla Isalnd. I put my camera up to my face to take a picture . After the first snap, they all turned as one, showed my their backs and sauntered away. If ibis can give a look of disdain, then these guys are pros.
Here we go again. Another photographer.
Don't you dare look back and smile.


  1. Love that second shot its quite comical. Birds with an attitude.

  2. Great catch and I love your story to go along with these photos. I never knew that these birds were called ibis. The second photo is so cute.

  3. The difference between the first and second shot is hilarious - that is disdain personified (birdified?:)


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