Monday, May 9, 2011


Love's Garden

Love Planted a rose,
And the world turned sweet,
Where the wheatfield blows
Love planted a rose.
Up the mill-wheel's prose
Ran a music beat.
Love planted a rose,
And the world turned sweet.
~Katharine Lee Bates

The Rosa rugosa are blooming and perfuming the air with their lovely scent. This year they are blooming profusely and you want to just stick your nose in and breathe their fragrance in deeply. However, be warned, these roses are full of tiny, but lethal thorns. To be appreciated from afar.

I see a cucumber beetle on my rose. Must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. My cucumbers are in the side garden!


  1. I've grown to appreciate these roses. Often, they're the root stock of some high-society rose. And should the high-society rose bow out, the rough rose springs up to its rightful place. It doesn't have double or triple petals, but an honest color and a sweet scent.


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