Saturday, May 7, 2011


The red-wing blackbirds have been around in great numbers this spring. But this is the first I've seen them at the bird feeder! The house sparrows are surprisingly receptive to their presence. Though they are a little too big for the feeder and most of the seed ends up on the ground when they are done.

P.S. Sadly I had to remove the feeders. There is a nasty !@$%# cat next door that viewed my feeders as his personal hunting ground. After finding a pile of feathers one day and a dead bird the next, I decided I needed to take the feeder down before any more birds were harmed. The cat's owner wanted to know if they were my own personal birds, otherwise, don't bother him. 
Gotta love (NOT) people.


  1. Charming... The neighbour I mean.

    Our blackbirds are jet black!

  2. Oh, I hate your neighbor. I'm sure he's not remotely intelligent enough to put a bell on the cat's collar.

    (I've never seen these little guys before. They're charming.)

  3. sweet birds...shame about your neighbors attitude.

  4. Thank you, Babe, that's so very sweet of you. I love those birds and I appreciate everything you went through to bring us those images.

    About the "feral" cat: Harbor Freight, $20.00 Have A Heart Trap, put some tie-wraps on the back door to secure it, catch cat, call animal control or take to shelter. Neighbor not happy but birds secure. It's war out there. And it's a federal law that you're not allowed to kill a native songbird. True story.

  5. Thanks Paula. I didn't know about the Federal Law. This is the neighbor from hell. In addition to the cat there are two Rotweillers (not friendly at all--numerous visits from the animal control officer) and a band that practices there twice a week. Need I say they are not quiet. Amps to the max! Again, several complaints, no action. They are renting the home and I hope they move on soon.

  6. The home owner won't help? I've had neighbors from hell and it's no picnic so I wish I could help some way. I'm surprised the rotties haven't been removed simply because of their breed...I would talk to my County Commissioner. That's what I did when Ranger got mauled by a pitbull after Ivan and a fence was down. If you send them an email it's public domain though. I didn't care, I sent it anyway.


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