Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I seem to be having one health issue after another. Nothing serious or life threatening, just annoying enough to keep me laying low. Even today, I am battling a nasty Spring cold, complete with migraine. In between ailments I have been photographing. Unfortunately, the photos have been residing in my camera, but today I have finally downloaded them. Here are a few snaps of what I've been up to.

I've spent a fair amount of time in the garden, planting veggies and tending to beds and perennials. A couple of my favorite early bloomers are the Clematis and ...

...the profuse blooms of the Formosa Azalea. They just suddenly pop and for a brief week or so fill the garden with vibrant color. I wish there was a way to keep them blooming all summer. 

On a Saturday morning in March, I volunteered at the Seagrass Awareness Festival at Shoreline Park. It was an opportunity for children and their families to learn about our shorelines and the seagrasses that provide habitat to so many small sea creatures. I worked at a touch tank that we had filled with all manner of marine life that had been seined from the seagrasses that morning. It was great to see the excited looks of the kids as they got to hold pipefish, snails, tiny blue crabs, baby croakers and many more. A great educational opportunity for everyone, especially me! I learned a lot.

One of the exhibitors at the Festival was the Northwes Floridat Wild Animal Shelter. They take in, care for and give homes to wild animals that have been injured and brought to them for care. It is an incredible organization. They treat and release those that can return to the wild and provide homes for those that cannot be returned to nature. 

Like this beautiful kestral that is one of the permanent residents of the refuge. It was hit by a car and one of its wings is permanently damaged. He's been at the shelter for many years and has earned his keep by teaching children and adults about kestrals and other birds. 

As has this blind barn owl. Isn't this tiny creature beautiflul?

Tomorrow I'll post about my exciting bird banding adventure with the Audubon Society.


  1. Oh the kestrel and the owl are so beautiful. Hope that nasty cold gets out of your system real quick!

  2. I too like the owl bu this beautiful kestral is simply adorable. I am so sorry that its wings is permanently damaged.


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