Sunday, April 17, 2011


Friday evening, I was sitting on my porch, absorbed in my Kindle and oblivious to what was happening over the railing. It must have been a change in the light that made me finally raise my eyes from what I was reading and I actually gasped. I ran into the house, grabbed my camera, raced down the stairs and started shooting. I know how fast the sun sets once it gets to a certain level on the horizon. The colors were amazing-pinks, purples, oranges, reds. It was a very windy evening and unfortunately, I didn't have time to set up a tripod. Thus the pics are a little on the blurry side, but I think you'll still be able to enjoy another spectacular sunset over Escambia Bay.


  1. These are the same photos on FeeBee? This is NW FL to me.

  2. Same photos. Yeah, Paula, this is a very special place.


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