Thursday, December 30, 2010


On our trip to visit our son in Annapolis in October, we took a trip into Washington DC to visit the World War  II Memorial. My husband and I had not seen it since it's completion. For me, it had a very personal significance as I am acquainted with the architect who designed the memorial. It was a beautiful day to stroll the Mall. Unfortunately, when we arrived we found ourselves in the midsts of a political rally and the Mall area was swarmed with thousands and thousands of people from different unions parading around the grounds. Still we made our way to the Memorial and despite the crowds, the loudspeakers and the placards, it was a moving experience.

In the next posts, I'd like to share some of the images of this beautiful tribute to the very brave men and women who gave their lives for their country so all of us can live in freedom.

The right to assemble, the right to protest; the right to speak

The lovely pathways to the Memorial

A crowded day at the Memorial

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  1. Please do share; I've never been there.

  2. I think that all those people, who you found there, make this place even more interesting and more significant.


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