Sunday, December 12, 2010


"Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving, make every day a holiday and celebrate just living!"
~Amanda Bradley

Family and wonderful friends gathered round our Thanksgiving table this year and it was so nice to celebrate the holiday with those that are dear to us all year long. 

Dishes are done, leftovers packed in to-go packages and freezer bags and desserts are still tempting me from the sideboard. Usually, Thanksgiving puts me in the holiday spirit and I look forward to Christmas. This year, however, I'm having a hard time getting in the spirit. Did this whole holiday season just creep up on us too fast? Anyway, Santa to the rescue. Our friend Warren was playing Santa Claus in Fort Walton a week ago and husband and I drove over to see him arrive on a vintage fire truck. He was quite a hit with the children, some excited, some shy, but all with wishes only Santa can make come true.

Look Mom, he's real!

 I hope he got all that.

Happy, jolly Santa

 Santa confers with elves.

 Think we can peek?

Waiting for Santa

The old Schoolhouse, site of the festivities

 Santa lit the Fort Walton Christmas Tree to end a charming evening

Filled with Christmas cheer and spirit, I went home, and in the best Christmas tradition, snapped on my computer and started my on-line shopping!


  1. At least you are getting there. I'm still in the Bah, Humbug stage and I don't expect it to lift anytime soon!! Merry Christmas!!

  2. Gorgeous table!

    Though I myself still kind of believe in Father Christmas, I have mixed feelings about the fake ones... But I really like those pictures with the lovely Christmas tree.

  3. Your Thanksgiving table was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    Lynda in Michigan

  4. I agree, your table was really wonderful and inviting! All the photos are fantastic and many of them are like a fairytale!


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