Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Last Friday, I went to Ft. Pickens with two good friends to do a little birding. We were in search of the green towhee which has been spotted on the path leading to the campground. It was a beautiful day, and while we did not see the adult green towhee, we're pretty sure that we saw a juvenile green towhee. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture. But all was not lost, we did see some amazing sights. My favorite being the photos I took of an osprey couple building their nests. My vantage point was not great, the lighting was all wrong and I was so caught up in watching these beautiful birds, I failed to use my tripod. But, I'll share the best of the lot with you. I plan to return at a different time of day and see how their nest is shaping up.

Gee, that's a long way down.

Off I go. Keep an eye on things till I get back.

Hey look what I found!

I see  the perfect spot for this.

I need a breather. -- Okay, here I go again.

Well, they can't all be big.

Think I'll do a little rearranging.

Hey you with the camera, how's it look so far?


  1. Fills me with wonder. I'm sending this link to a birding buddy.

  2. I compleely enjoyed in this really fantastic series of photos! It made me smile and made my day. thanks for sharing.

  3. Brilliant post, love the storyline ;-), the last 3 photos are magnificent!

  4. Fabulous photos you are sharing here on your blog space, looks like we have a few beaches in common.

  5. Welcome Pearl Maple

    Glad you stopped by.

  6. Oh, this is neat. I especially liked the last two in flight just over the nest. The light IS NOT all wrong there. You get the light through the wings, sorta hightlighting its colouring.

    Very cool.

    (And tripods are a pain aren't they? but sure help out when you go to the trouble.)


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