Wednesday, August 26, 2009


"Lighthouses are more helpful than churches." Benjamin Franklin

Pensacola Light House
In 1858 a new lighthouse was built on the north side of the bay entrance, and the lamp in the tower’s first-order Fresnel lens was first lit on New Year’s Day, 1859 by Keeper Palmes. Located on NAS Pensacola, the tower stood 160-feet-tall. The base of the tower had a diameter of 30 feet, tapering to a diameter of 15 feet at the top. One of my favorite views of this lighthouse is from Ft. McRee.


  1. Lighthouses are one of my favorite things and this is a beautiful one. I especially like the second photo looking through the trees.

  2. Cool shots both of them. But what a stern looking lighthouse, so black.

  3. Hello, in this blog are some great photos, and i like this one from the lighthouse, a good photo.
    All the best, have a nice day, see you soon.

    José Filipe 27/08/2009

  4. Lovely photographs of the lighthouse, I've been meaning to visit there. I've photographed it from Ft Pickens, but never climbed it. There aren't too many places in Pensacola that give a good view. And I recently saw the Franklin quote somewhere else, though I can't remember.

  5. Hey PJ
    Thanks for the comments. I've not climbed the lighthouse yet either, but it's on my list... Hope your break has been restful and re-energizing. I've missed your blog


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