Tuesday, July 3, 2012


"Just because you didn't put a name to something did not mean it wasn't there."
~Jodi Picoult, Handle with Care

We've had a visitor to the yard lately. A lovely redheaded shorebird. I've taken its picture several times, but I'm at a lost what name to give it. I've called on birder friends for help and it turns out there is not a concensus. Some say Little Blue Heron, others Tri-colored heron juvenile. One even expanded on that and thought it a Tri-colored heron juvenile molting to adult plumage. Whatever name it deserves, I'm glad is stopped and visited for a few days. Haven't seen it the last couple of days. Perhaps it flew to place where everybody knows its name.


  1. While I can't help with the name, that is a beautiful bird. We get herons here but nothing like this. I especially love the first photo!

  2. Yes, reddish egret it is. This morning I spent about 30 minutes sussing it out and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thanks for the mystery bird!

  3. I like this guy, little what's-his-name!

  4. The reflection is absolutely stunning.


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