Sunday, June 10, 2012


After yesterday's monster rain event, flooding was everywhere. Records were broken for one day rain amounts. Don't know the exact numbers, but somewhere in the neighborhood of 13 inches.

It's 6:45 a.m. and the skies are dark, there is thunder and lightening and the rain has started again. Luckily, our sandy soil has allowed the water from yesterday to drain away. But the ground is saturated and I don't know where all this water is going to go. The forecast for the week is rain, followed by rain, followed by rain...

Side yard
Front yard
Front yard with newly planted (now drowning) blueberry bushes.
 Back yard.- Bayside


  1. Now that is a downpour... I'm not sure it's even good for the earth as it can't be absorbed! A drizzle would be better, shall I send you some over? ;-)

  2. Oh, girlfriend, sorry you're getting pounded so hard. Our neighbors tell us we haven't had quite so much at our house. (We're away at the moment, so don't know first hand.) Sure hope the predictions are wrong this time. Stay dry.

  3. Well, that doesnt sound nice at all. So sorry it's such severe rain. Somehow, though, you've made it look beautiful in your photos!

  4. Ciel: We've had so little rain till now, I was actually hoping for a soft slow rain-drizzle-that would last all day. i guess you have to be careful what you wish for.

  5. You'll know you're in real trouble when you see alligators swimming by the house. That happened to us during Hurricane Georges. Our house wasn't but a fee feet off-grade and I could hear the water lapping at the bottom floor joists. I'll keep checking in, have you decided on a shelter in case you have to evacuate?


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