Sunday, July 3, 2011


Even at 6:00 a.m. the air was heavy with humidity and well, just plain hot. Though the weather was uncomfortable (large understatement!) the shore birds were out and about. Especially the reddish egrets. They pranced and danced and fished and seemed to be having a great time. We didn't venture too far along the sound as many of the birds are nesting right now and as you approach their nesting sites they send up the alarm, warning us to turn around and leave them in peace. I was on the wrong side of the light for most of the morning so these are the best of the bad.

The sea oats are blooming.
Reddish Egret
In flight
 Chasing bait fish
Dancing display
Hopping along the shore
These two went at it for awhile vying for territory
In silhouette


  1. Your morning shots are so beautiful.
    I hope we don't get too many hot and humid early mornings this year.

  2. For the past couple of weeks, the crows and the mockingbirds have been waging war. You wouldn't think the little mockingbird would stand a chance, but they are fierce warriors.

  3. You are so close and I have just discovered your blog through Ciel's. Your birds are wonderful and the low morning sun is a great time to capture them (plus it is the only time of day you can tolerate our summer mugginess!)

    Enjoy your holiday!


  4. Yes, muggy is the word. Keating comes in from his morning romp with a fine mist on his fur, has to be sweat.

    These are very good, C. Nothing to apologize for here. More, more, more please.


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