Saturday, November 6, 2010


The Sunshine State has 825 miles of sandy beaches. Today residents and visitors walked all of those 825 miles one mile at a time and took pictures of their favorite mile of beach. Resulting in what may be the biggest beach walk in the world. The photos are all posted on line at    Check out all of the beautiful photos of Florida's coastline.

I walked with four friends along mile 44, Navarre Beach. Here is some of what we saw along the way.  

Sunrise over the Dunes.
My group arrived early--7 a.m.--and it was a very cold morning. The temps were in the low 40s and the wind was out of the North. Brrrr. The only saving grace was that the sunrise was spectacular.


Never have I seen such a low tide on the Gulf as we saw this morning. It gave the beach an unfamiliar, but lovely look.

A river runs through it.

 Because the tide was so low, the newly exposed sand was littered with Jellyfish.

As the tide came back in the jellyfish began to 'awaken' and move back out to sea.

The beach was also littered with seashells.

This great blue heron decided to stop wading and take to the air.

And flew right past me.

Our happy group at Mile Marker 44. You can see from our attire it was a cold morning. I'm the one in the funny hat and sunglasses.                                                                                     


  1. Thanks for posting, and for taking the photos. I'll check them out in a bit.

    We were off to Dothan, Alabama for a family thing today and had a really good day.

  2. What a post! I'm reeling! Just gorgeous.

  3. What spectacular views! I completely enjoyed in every photo that you posted...lovely sunset, jellyfish, various and beautiful seashells (if I had been there I would have collected as many as I could, blue heron and beautiful company. Great time you all had there. Thank you very much for sharing a part of it with us.


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