Sunday, October 24, 2010


"Follow the river and you will find the sea."
~French Proverb

St. Michaels is a charming, historic town about an hour from Annapolis. It derived its name from the Episcopal Parish established here in 1877. Situated along the Miles River, early settlers engaged in tobacco growing and shipbuilding. There is a great maritime museum, interesting shops, lovingly restored historic homes and plenty of restaurants to keep a visitor entertained. Dark clouds and sprinkles didn't diminish our enjoyment of this charming town.


Seems like I just got home and I'm off again for four days to the Statewide Master Gardener Conference. Have a good week. 


  1. I went to St Michaels in 2002. I have to dig out my photos! Lovely set of shots, I especially love the ones of the museum (which I did not visit at the time because we had to drive back to DC where we'd come from in the morning!)

  2. OK, your excused from our local fair exhibits, I see your far-far away with fresh delights for your lens.
    Charming is the word for that area. Like the previous commenter, your pics bring to mind my own photo album- Strolling Annapolis with time to photogragh the quaint streets, architecture, & harbor, between antique shops, the ferry & Bed & Breakfast in Cape May.
    Have Fun!
    You're bound to see some color~

  3. These photos are full of heart. Enjoy your conference.


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