Monday, November 9, 2009


The preparations are done, the shutters are on and now we're just waiting to see how much punch Hurricane Ida has by the time she reaches Pensacola. Hopefully not much. She's a tropical storm right now and we hope she stays that way as she makes landfall here sometime early tomorrow morning.

This is an AP photo of the surf on Navarre Beach this morning, already kicking up some pretty good sized waves. Should all be over by tomorrow evening without, I hope, very little damage to the area.


  1. Cool photograph, I'll be out on one of the beaches tomorrow. It's hard to pass up a chance to see big surf. I left a message for you on my other blog.

  2. great photo!!
    do you visit with DJ at Barrier Island Girl?
    she is fabulous..both in photography and generally being a Goodwill ambassador for the beach!
    check out her site!
    hugs to safe!

  3. Hope you'll be OK! Though ominous, that photograph is so beautiful.

  4. Hunker down and stay dry. You're bound to get a lot of rain dumped on you.

  5. Lou: Yes I've been following DJ for a couple of years and run into her often at the beach and around town. We did a turtle release together last year. Couldn't agree with you more, she really is a good will amabassador for the beach.


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