Sunday, July 19, 2009


“ Every cloud engenders not a storm." ~William Shakespeare

Last Thursday a storm came out of the northwest. Clouds dark as night began to roll in as the wind picked up and roiled the water to crashing surf. I sat with Dakota and waited patiently for the storm to hit. We love watching summer storms. I could see rain falling across the Bay and to the north and was glad for the much needed moisture that would be here soon. But, alas, we were on the wrong side of the clouds. While thunder roared and wind whipped, we saw not one drop of rain fall on our parched lawn or dry flower beds. It's weird how I can see rain all around us, and yet the clouds seem to part when they pass over us. Oh well, maybe next time. For now I guess I'll have to get out the hose and make up for what Mother Nature withheld.

The edge of the storm.

White caps building...

Surf crashing...

Wind blowing...

And still no rain!

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