Tuesday, June 16, 2009


"Someone told me its all happening at the zoo." ~Paul Simon

Yesterday I took my second Zootography class at The Zoo Northwest Florida, and like the first, I came away with new knowledge and technique. We concentrated on shooting the animals through a chain link fence and have the image of the fence disappear. Not magic, but a few tricks. I did pretty good, though not perfect. Need some more practice. I got to try out my new lens and I was happy with the results. Here are some of the residents I photographed. Enjoy!

The lemurs were a little reluctant to leave the shade of their shelters until our guide offered them some food. That drew them out and we all happily snapped away.

However, once the food was gone, so were they. Bye Bye.

The feathered guys seemed to find shade and shelter from the heat under shrubs and trees or better yet in the water.

I almost missed this lovely white peacock. She was tucked off the path in a patch greenery.

This wood duck was swimming along in one of the ponds. The water, though rippled, was fairly still and the mirror image I thought was interesting.

This colorful trio was behind a grated cage and while I was able to make the cage bars disappear, the focus leaves a little to be desired.


and Tigers...

As you can see, all of the lions and tigers were shot through fences. Had some success, but not perfect yet. Need to keep practicing. With this guy, I didn't even try. He was just way to close to the fence and I'm not a brave soul.

...and Orangutans!?!
Mom and baby were huddled under an eave taking advantage of the shade. I think the heat was making them sleepy!


  1. Hi Claire,
    It's so nice to meet another local blogger. I've been wondering about the zootography, I guess I'll have to sign up.
    I love the photo of the tall ship, much better than my work. I'll link you on my sidebar with local blogs.

  2. Hi PJ
    Good to meet you too.
    FYI Here's the site for Zootography. http://www.zootographyclass.com/class.html
    The next class on Mon. July 13 and Sat. July 28 covers Exposure: Aperture, Shutter and depth of field.

  3. I'll get bsck to you on that and I'm impressed with your work. Maybe we'll meet up.


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