Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Well we dodged that bullet. The storm finally tracked west of New Orleans. This was a hard storm to pin down. Unfortunately, it's also a slow moving storm and is currently sitting off the Louisiana coast wreaking havoc with those in its path. I hope it gets going soon and leaves the Gulf Coast in peace. As for us, we had wind, some flooding (not an unusual occurrance) and a whole lot of rain. But nothing damaging.

We spent a lot of sweat equity putting up shutters, moving everything upstairs to a higher elevation, etc. Even though the storm was not a threat in the end, you have to prepare as if it's coming right at you. (Which it was for a time.) Good news is, we are all safe, no damage, and we are cleaning out as we clean up. (During the storm preps we discovered we had entirely too much STUFF. Weeding out the unnecessary is job one. My new mantra is, "I will never plant pots again, I will never plant pots again." (Hee Hee. You just know I will next spring!)  I hope all of my local freinds fared as well as we did. How about it Paula, DJ?

Only 93 days left to hurricane season. I hope this was the last of it.

    Hurricane Isaac  Bye Bye

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Just getting myself back to "normal" and here comes Isaac. Keep northwest Florida in your thoughts.
We are busy with out hurricane plan, batting down the hatches, and packing for evacuation.You'd think it would get easier each time, but my stomach is still in a knot and TWC plays in the background all day like white noise. The cone of uncertainty is large with predictions for landfall spanning from Apalachicola to the Mississippi coast. Coming in at a harmless Cat 1 to a nasty Cat 3. We'll just have to wait and see. Just hope it comes in east of us and at a Cat 1 or better  yet a tropical storm.  Stay tuned.